My Past Journey

                                      Don't be afraid to get down and dirty!

Don't let others judge you! Don't be afraid to be yourself, show who you're inside and what your made of!

This princess don't wear slipper, she wears boots!

Don't be afraid of going out and trying new things, you may find out something new about yourself.

My brother and I trying alligator!

Behind every girl, you will see her best friends who have her back and are always there for her.

Cherokee, Beca, and I; three best friends for life!

My Present Journey

Your views and ways change overtime, but don't forget your roots or where you came from.

Family plays an important role in your life. They support you in your decisions about life and getting through things in life.

Sometimes you don't get what you want in life, it just means that there is something better waiting.

Be sure to study hard and complete all your work!

My Future Journey

Work hard, do your best, and you can accomplish your goals in life!

Don't be afraid to strive and be the best!

Class of 2019

Be sure to have good study habits, even if you have a good memory. It possibly could fail you one day, so have a back up plan.

Always think before you make a decision and always try before you give up on something!

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