Having a baby is probably one, if not the best, news one could receive! Well the statement applies to (hopefully) majority of pregnant women and not necessarily has to be accepted by those whose pregnancies came as a bad surprise.

Although it is considered as a blessing for you and your spouse, admittedly it is also not an easy nine month journey. While you are doing great efforts to keep a healthy pregnancy by following the right way of eating and attending doctor’s appointment, it is also important to take care of your stress level. Related to stress, pregnancy and even after giving birth can also trigger high emotions making you more vulnerable to insecurities and depression.

Due to these situations, it is of good news to know the benefits of trying the pre natal massage and postnatal massage:


Pre natal message is a natural touch therapy that helps ease the physical and emotional changes that occur in the body.

- The pre natal massage improves and increases the circulation of the body and even reduces swelling. The massage and circulation is good relaxation for the nervous system.

- Carrying that huge baby bump can definitely cause some muscle and back pains. The pre natal massage amends strain on the parts where the baby’s weight is greatly felt like the hips, knees, pelvic and legs. It also eases shoulder and neck pain, back and headaches that is caused by the muscle tension from the pregnancy’s change in posture.

- Your husband will be pleased to know that pre natal massage can also affect the hormone regulation. Based on long term research massage therapy alters the level of hormones that contributes to stress and relaxation thus resulting to better mood. The best part is, it’s drug free!


Postnatal massage is done to help restore your pre- pregnancy condition or state. It’s also continuing the relaxation after giving birth as wellness doesn’t stop after pregnancy.

- Postpartum (or post natal) massage relaxes the whole body from the pressure, intense strain and lack of sleep from labor. It is helpful in relaxing the strained muscles.

- It is also good for those planning to do breast feeding. The post natal massage helps in the production of breast milk because the body releases Oxytocin or “love hormones”. Oxytocin stimulates and triggers milk ejection reflex, which turns to breast milk production.

- Post natal massage is also good for your skin! With the help of oil massage, it can lighten stretch marks caused by the pregnancy and also exfoliates it giving you that beautiful mommy glow!