Apps in the Class


IPad Apps in Education

Below I have shared 5 apps that are available on the iPad and can enhance learning in an elementary classroom. Resources are included at the end if you wish to find out more information about these apps!


Toontastic is an app that allows people to either publish and share a story they have written or the app can be used to create a story using a story arc to help plan and ensure all necessary story elements are included (EDEL 406 guest speaker, 2013). In elementary, the story arc format can help students learn how to construct a story, while using this fun interactive app (EDEL 406 guest speaker, 2013).


Journal Jar is an app that can support students creative writing process. It is extremely user friendly. All you have to do is shake the iPad and a new story starter prompt will appear. This allows students who struggle to chose a topic and need more structure to chose a prompt by shaking the iPad and  then practice their writing independently.


This is a drawing app that allows you to paint with your fingers and add in stamps. It also allows you to draw with a friend on another device.  In education this app can be used in an elementary language arts class. Students can be asked to predict what will happen next in a story and can depict their prediction on the app. Students in division 1 can use this app to draw their favourite part of a story or favourite part of a presentation etc.  It can also be used to support brainstorming prior to story writing.


Mobl21 is a an app that allows teachers to create content that students can access via their mobile device to support their learning. Teachers are able to track what their students have accessed and whether or not they have been completing content on the app. Teachers can make flashcards, study guides, quizzes etc to help students further their learning and prepare for tests.


Audioboo is a recording app that turns your recordings into podcasts. Students are able to record their voice to show their learning, maybe opposed to a oral presentation or exam. Students can also use it for projects and make a class podcast or podcast of school events.


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