Overpopulation in India

The population of India is estimated at 1,267,401,849 and isn't going to stop anytime soon. Brazil accounts for almost 17.5% of total population and is the 2nd most populated country in the world. If changes aren't made to stop this exponential growth of people then resources may become scarce.

As the population expands they are facing a water shortage problem and as this continues their agricultural industry will fail to expand. Aquifers in the country dry out while citizen population grows and tries to obtain what is left of the water. Along with this it shrinks the agricultural industry and as that lessens there is a potential for a food shortage crisis.

To fix the growing problem of population there are a few things that can be done. First, we can help India take step to setting up labor laws in which each family can only have a child. In the situation that they have an additional child there is a large fine. However if they have twins there are no penalties. Another thing that can be done is rationing resources so that there isn't as much of a scarcity of resources and we can solve the problems occurring without having too much consumed. The last thing we can do is teach women and men alike in the country how to use protection during intercourse or contraceptive pills. With these few solutions we can help lead to a better nation in which scarcity and uncared for children is not a problem.

Now you may ask why this should be of importance to the United States, however you may not realize how important India can also be to our agricultural sector. First and foremost India and the US trade a large amount of goods and of that amount $3.5 billion is agricultural imports from India alone. Along with that large amount theres also other things needed for the technology that powers our industry. So if we aren't able to get agricultural resources from them due to scarcity and a downturn in market, then that could lead to the US also having scarcity problems and not being able to keep up with the demands in our own country.

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