The Unskeble ship



The Titanic sank on Monday, April 15,1912,2:20 A.M. on first voyage.The Titanic had a large ice berg in the Atlantic Ocean.

About The Ship

The Titanic was a wonderful ship.It was 885 ft in length & 172 ft in height.It had 4 smokestack that was 22 ft wide & 6 stores high. People on the ship ate & drank 15,000 bottles of bear,40 tons of potato, 3,500 lbs of tomato,36,000 apples & orange,1,500 gallons of milk,40,000 eggs,3,500 lbs of onions, 8,000 asparagus ,& 75,000 lbs of meat. Inside the ship it has swimming pool,gym,tukish bath , photography dark room,&3 gigare.It has 20 boilers & 162 furnace.The speed is 24 knote sank that is 16,000 hoarse power.

About The Sinking!

At 2:20 the Titanic hit a ice berg & split a half ,going down the Atlantic Ocean.1,500 died on that horrible moment.700 lived. When they doked on New York they were meeted by 30,000 people.

Fun Fact

  • 900 crew
  • 3 football field long
  • It took 3,000 people to built in 3 years
  • Sank less than 3 hours
  • Carpohtia took the sivivers to New york


After that desperately day.All ships now have enough life boat.


desperately:very dangerous

horrible:felling of horror

ice berg:large mass of ice

sivivers: people that live from some thing horrible

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