Concentration Camps Life and Atrocites

Concentration camps were used during World War II.  Hitler was in charge of this situation because he did not like the Jewish population.  He felt that is was necessary to punish and hurt them because they were Jewish.

This picture explains how the Jewish population was treated.  They were treated poorly because they did not get any food and water.  They were also forced to wear striped pajamas to give them an identity.

The Jewish population also had some pretty strict rules.  If someone from the Jewish population broke a rule or was caught doing something bad then they would be punished, a lot of punishments resulted in death.  Jewish people were lucky to survive if they were tortured.

This cartoon shows how poorly the Jewish population is treated.  It shows that an old man in the present cannot handle some task, same idea with the Jews.  They were treated poorly whether they were weak or strong.

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