Six Traits of Writing

E.Rivera Pina

                                                                              IDEA                                                                                             Idea is a message of the theme that is focused on specific details and showing and telling.

This picture represents someone having an idea which goes with

showing and telling events an a story.


A structure such as compare and contrast ,time sequence ,persuasive ect.

Also engages the reader with opening and conclusion.

I chose this picture because it is putting in order time events.

Word choice

The precise colorful language that communicates moves,and lightens the reader

-creates a certain image

-clarifies and expands ideas

I chose this because it shows how someone feels about thanksgiving.


voice is audience ,individual expressions ,and writers attitude about a subject.

This picture shows a person sharing what he thinks or his opinion.

Sentence Fluency

Sentence fluency is the rhythm and flow of the language.

- varied in length

- creative phrasing

- word order      

This picture represents word choice in writing.


Conventions are the mechanics  of writing.

- Grammar

- spelling

- punctuation

- paragraphing

This picture represents some questions you can ask your self after writing.

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