College Project By JRL

Why we need good people?

Talking about a serious concept is very delicate. Issues over the law meaning highly dangerous crimes occur all the time. I believe there us a high chance future of crimes can take over the day if tomorrow, but is important to have good positive educated people.

Having policemen, firefighters, soldiers, and well high tech technology on the right hands our generation of innocent people is safe but we can't let crime rate possibilities increase specially using technology. However, it is very important to diminish terrorism from areas in the United States. To be able to do that we need positive combat people to fight for the rights of the people. Everyday we need to be on top of it and that starts with you to be educated with manners to have a better bright future because good people bring the good of other people. Always have to analyze suspicious activity's and prevent letting terrorism getting in the hands of technology prospers to evolve.

So basically the whole point is to take the worlds technology to success by thee right hands of educated people. Being able to do that we need to have a low crime rate possibilities by having people ready to fight for our rights of human beings to actually have technology for the good to use all intelligence to live in harmony.  Starting now society should start planning the best for our world before we can let terror reach over the government we need to plan our future for the best of our own good.  - Juan Ramirez Lespron

Letter of Recommendation

Dear sir,

I want to recommend you to Rafael Laurens this student has special abilities, however I met him during my high school years. This person will prosper on want he wants to achieve and that is being an engineer. Rafael is great at multitasked activities always gets things done. Very smart and creative on projects he is always on top of it.

If you want to know more of his achievements this guy is a money maker will increase your company of business for the better. Not to mention that he has great GPA and experience on designing models that we use basically on our daily life. Creativity is very hard to get to have outcomes for a great project Rafael has the skill to do that.

Lastly I want to mention Rafael will never quit on what he does he will finish until knowing he is satisfied specially when you are as well comfort with his work. He cares about every single detail which is very important to this job and always double checks his work.


Letter of Intent

May 18, 2015

Burges, High school

X steamply

Sun Manor, 1408

El Paso, Texas 73389

Dear: Mtrevizo

As an individual, I have multiple skills that I have gained by working in sales/business management. However I got to work every after school and, am here to request an interview to obtain a stable job. Am ready to work I have positive attitude to strive your business/project/company to success. I won't let my personal job down I do take every second seriously. The reason I want to work now it's sincerely because my boss is already clouding down her business due to the fact that she is going traveling and I am seriously ready to work whenever.

On the concept, am very experienced and have improved on my task that was making sales, and persuasive to convince costumes to buy the product.

Job application/Work place

I already have a job but I went to GameStop to check out video games and stop by to fill out a job application.

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