My PAAC Digital Portfolio 2014-2015

By: Wendy Anaya        Period:7th

*E-Mail and Blogs:

In this unit we learned how to send E-Mails and we learned how to blog. E-mail we learned how to send E-Mails to our teacher. And in blogs we learned how to post stuff. They can both be used in our daily lives.

*Digital Photography:

In Digital Production we learned how to use cameras and to transfer the pictures in to the computer. We did small presentations so that we could know how to use the cameras. You can use Digital Photography if you were a photographer, and other jobs.

*Keynote Presentations:

In Keynote we learned how to do presentations. We learned that it was a new software. We learned how to upload pictures. A job that can be used in this unit is all jobs. You can use this unit in your daily life.

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