Types Of Gov-Democracy- a gov ruled by the citizens and they have a say so.  
Representative Democracy- is when the people go and elect their leaders of their gov. Direct Democracy- is when the people have the control over the laws and who govern their society.
Autocracy- is when one person has all the power.
Monarch- is when the country is ruled by a king or queen and the power is inherited from generation.  
Absolute Monarch- The King or Queen has the absolute power in the country.
Constitutional Monarchy- is when the King or Queen acts like they are the head of the state.
Dictatorship- is when the a dictator comes in a country and takes all the power force.
Theocracy- is when the power is in the name of God or the power is ruled by a god.
Oligarchy- is when a small group have the power in the land.
Anarchy- is when their is no rules and noone has no overuling power.
Communism- is when the government has control over how much money you can spend in your business.

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