Writing Pieces

Important Place writing Piece

I don't really have a lot of important things in my life but one place that is an important place to me is my room. which is weird because I move a lot, but regardless of what house, town or who i'm sharing it with it is my space to just relax, sleep and be me. I have my times when I just want to be alone and zone out and it isn't easy to do with a family like mines. My room is my place to do whatever like after school I just shut my door, turn my music sky high and lay back till I get tired. I know that sometimes I get stuck in my ways and just catch stupid attitudes so I have to do a lot of thinking on my life, relationships, and the future it helps my put my life in perspective when i'm frustrated and want to give up. Oh and my room is really apart of me I can do WHATEVER I please (decorate wise) so its mainly pink. I have a white dresser with diamond stones on the border and my bed matches but its a soft pink with the border of diamonds.

Important Person writing Piece

I'm am the most important person in my life and i'm glad that I can motivate myself to stay on track. I try to be not just strong and positive for me but for the people around me like my family or just anyone I talk to. I am super awesome, smart cool, sweet, funny and just everything good you could think of. But as most people close to me know i'm a handful, I can be loud, straightforward, aggressive and overactive. If I rock with you that's means a lot because I have the best heart seriously. I think i'm the most loyalest person I know. I love me and everyone I met pretty much does too. If I wasn't in this world I think a lot of people would not be in the places they're in. I try to do a lot of helping people, talking to people and trying to find solutions for problems with others. I love me so much and I really think i'm one of my moms best kids, my schools best student and the best me I can be. But I know I have a handful of flaws and I wouldn't be Ratina if I was any different.

Important Thing writing Piece

One very important thing in my life is actually a color. My favorite color is pink and in my head is more than a color, its a way for me to express my creativity and show people who I am through my clothes, nails, room, hair, decorations, and attitude...Yes I said attitude because I think I have a pink attitude. I'm bubbly, bright but soft and sweet just all around awesome. But its hard to explain when you can't visualize since its so many shades of pink. Truthfully they're all me from dark pink, or of white soft pink to bright neon pink. I literally have a wardrobe drowned in pink from head to toe most likely all my clothes have a shade of pink. This winter I had the cutest pink boots and some pink, black and white adidas. I had like five different hairstyles with pink and this summer after I dye my hair blonde i'm going to put a pink rise in it. I know people may stare or think im crazy but who cares, really I like attention and don't give a fuck about their opinion. Thats just me. I used to talk to my friends or family about what I should wear or do but I know if I really like it im going to do it no matter what they say because most of the time they'll like it when they see it on my( i can pull anything off).

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