Apple's new programming language for iOS

Swift is the new programming language released by Apple. The first application written in Swift was released on June 2, 2014 at Apple's WorldWide Developers Conference(WWDC). The app was made for the conference as a whole.

Many iOS developers know Objective-C, which was the main mobile game development language until Swift was released. Swift is compatible with Objective-C, though Apple is urging developers not to rewrite their Objective-C code in Swift. There was also a free Swift beginners manual released at WWDC.

It is encouraged that developers looking for work in the game dev field learn Objective-C and Swift so that they can read the old code and still write new code.

The world of code is constantly evolving as companies try to keep up with changing times. The amount of possibilities for mobile devices continues to grow, and there are many developers ready to take full advantage of the new opportunities. Swift is just another of the many coding languages available. Go try it!

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