Eye cancer(retinoblastoma)

eye cancer

I have retinoblastoma eye cancer. retinoblastoma is a rare cancer the thin membrane on the inside back of the eye that is stimulated by light. Retinoblastoma is usually diagnosed before a child reaches three years old.


The pupil with turn white when a light is shinning on it.

You will have eye pain.

You will have a pupil that is constantly dilated.

You will have red eye or eyes

possible causes

Retinoblastoma occurs when nerve cells in the retina develops genetic mutations. The mutations cause the cells to continue growing and multiplying when the healthy cells would die.

cancer growth

The stages of retinoblastoma

Stage 1 the tumor is confined to the retina

stage 2 it is confined to the eyeball

stage 3 the cancer has spread or metastasis to areas in the region around the eye
metastasis means is when cancer cells spread to other organs in the body.

Treatments of retinoblastoma

small tumors may be treated by laser surgery. They will remove the cancer during surgery.

Thermotherapy treatment of disease using heat.

radiation therapy the  use of from x-rays, gamma rays, neutrons, protons, and other sources to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.

chemotherapy chemo drugs are injected into a vein or given by mouth. These drugs enter the bloodstream and reach throughout the body. They stop mitosis from happening.

Survival Rates

If only one eye is disease or if it is in remission then the eye is removed . If both eyes they shrink the tumor.

remission means where the cancer has stopped spreading and is a temporary recovery but it may come back.

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