Scourge was the runt of the litter, Ruby and Socks, his litter mates hated him. He was called Tiny at the time, he first went out into the forest but then came back and told everyone. No one believed him, while his siblings went to their new home, he was told the kit who no one wanted would be thrown in the river. Then he ran into the forest again, to explore. Tiny then runs into forest cats, Bluefur, Thistleclaw, and Tigerpaw. Thistleclaw gnarls at tiny then tiny get scared of them. Bluefur tells the other forest cats that he was just a kit and learned his lesson. Then Thistleclaw says to his apprentice, Tigerpaw, that it is up to him for Tiny's punishment. Tigerpaw then  says to Tiny " A trespasser! You will learn your lesson from me!" Then throws and beats Tiny until his bell falls off and is almost dead, but is saved from Bluefur when she yells at Tigerpaw and Thistleclaw "HES JUST A KIT! YOU TORN HIM TO SHREDS!" As she is teaching them to leave the helpless kit alone Tiny scrams off and then slides in the mud and hits his fence. Later on in his life Tiny, now called Scourge, Starts to kill and many work for him, Then he names his clan: BloodClan. All BloodClan does is kill and take over were all the power goes to Scourge. Then takes his finally battle with the forest and clans, then slashes his enemy, Tigerstar, to death- a slash from neck to tail that takes all his nine lives. Then later on in the battle Firestar kills him.