Good Manners in Turkey

In the table:

-The host is paying the food that invites. Therefore, you will not ever make the gesture or insinuation pay, unless you want to offend. Nor is it acceptable to pay for parts or cleavage.
-The way to thank an invitation of this kind, besides the verbal thanks therefore, is to return the invitation with a similar meal in a place of choice or taste of their hosts. Always in similar terms to the entertainment you received. Doing a lower or higher form is not well regarded.
-Depending on the beliefs and customs of their hosts at some meals, especially dinner, they can serve any alcohol to accompany the dishes. Is very traditional the "Raki", a kind of grape spirit with aniseed flavor.

-The Turks tend to smoke during meals, especially in the time between some plates and others. It is also the time when a few drinks while waiting for the arrival of the next course are taken.
-The traditional Turkish meals tend to base their main dishes with meat and fish recipes, usually accompanied by salad and bread. This can be very variable depending on the region or locality in which it is located.
-After the meal, it is common to be offered a tea or Turkish coffee with sweets and cakes. Except for important reasons, should not refuse, you should at least try. Unlike traditional western coffee, no sugar you usually put in service but served and as you ask: no sugar, sweet or slightly sweet.
-This type of beverages tend them with a high concentration, so that can be a bit stronger. In the case of coffee, it is not good to rush all mug or cup, as it can be at heart a very concentrated rest you can know too strong and even a little bitter.
-If it is you who has invited to dinner, do not be surprised if some small detail or take this as a sign of friendship and gratitude.

In Greeting:

-The greeting used is more shaking hands, usually at the time of the presentations. Not as usual goodbyes, where it is not always necessary to return to shake hands again. The handshake should be firm and brief.
-Women, at least in the field of business, they can greet and be greeted, but in the social field may be somewhat relegated.
-When relationships are friendship and familiarity, it is permissible to give kisses on the cheeks of people greeting each other. When it comes to seniors and elders often give them a kiss on the right hand and place one hand over the other.

-The younger people should greet the older age or rank.
-When you enter a room or room and nobody has it, you must begin by greeting the oldest person; and if in doubt, you can begin to greet the person closest to you and move in the opposite direction to the needles of a watch, especially when they are sitting at a conference table, for example.
-The traditional way of greeting, as in many other countries with strong Islamic beliefs, is using the famous phrase: "Asalamu alaykum" comes to mean something like "Peace be with you or with you." It is also quite used the expression "Nasilsiniz" which is similar to the phrase "How are you".
-Nor should forget about making a general greeting, as is done in any country in the world giving the good morning, afternoon or evening. Use "Gunaydin" to say good morning to go anywhere; "Iyi gunler" to say something similar to pass good day; and you can also use "Memnun oldum" to respond in a presentation for his translation is "nice to meet you", "It is a pleasure to meet you".
-When greeting or chat with someone, avoid any physical contact beyond the formal handshake.

At work:

-Turks love their country and everything connected with it, so you should avoid any negative review about any aspect of their country or customs.
-The hierarchy in the world of business is very important and respected. It access to senior people in a company will take some time, as in many other companies worldwide.
-The first negotiations will be with people of an intermediate level of the company. As you go reaching common ground and is near signing a contract or reach a significant agreement, then it is likely to meet with senior people.
-If you are unfamiliar country is highly advisable to hire an agent or representative who can expedite and advise on business and the multiple steps that will have to do at home
-In a first contact do not be surprised if you are interested in knowing you and your family. It is a way to get to know the people who negotiate, a way to earn their trust. It is not curiosity, it is a custom that has no malice or distrust.
-If you want to make an appointment, it is best to do it two or three weeks in advance and reconfirm a few days before leaving on a trip to the country.
-If someone comes during the meeting or answer calls do not be surprised. It is relatively common for Turkish personals attend calls or the most natural world.

Lucas Calzetta, Agustín Lorca

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