Energy Conservation
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We should conservation energy because if we don't then it can raise our house bills. Some ways of conserving at home are when you done using the light s cut them one instead of leaving them on. You can cut off the water when it running when you are done using it. Unplug cords that you are not using because even thought you are not charging nothing you are still using energy. Cut down the A/C or heating when it doesn't need to be 80 degrees.  You and also use fluorescent light bulbs.

We can also use renewable sources to save oil,coal, and natural gases when we really need them. It is hurting the environment when we pull oil out the ground. Coal takes a million years to form and we can wait that long when we need it right now, thats why we need to stop using up our energy source. We should use renewable sources like wind,solar, and water. We are finding different ways to use solar energy. Even if it cost a lot of money it will be better in the long run for us.

You can also recycle, renew, and reduce. When you are recycling you are not filling up our landfills, which we are running out of room. When we renew things we are taking things thats already been made and make something new. When we reduce we are conversing things like energy.  Thats why we recycle,renew, and reduce.