Age of Reason Movement

If I traveled back to the Age of Reason I would take part in the political movement. This is because I really enjoy learning about the processes and workings of government. I like to learn about how a government is intended to work and compare it to how that transfers from paper to action. It would have been very interesting if I was able to take part in the development of the beginnings of our government in America. Deciding what our government should look like and how to achieve that would have been a challenge, but one I would happily accept.

While I would take part in the political movement, I would also take part in the literature movement. I would have been one of the authors who published a book about politics. I love politics, but I love to write just as much. So, I would have combined those two passions and used them to my own benefit. I could write books that could further influence the government and the people within it. I would have strove for an end to the monarchy and a start of a democracy. By desiring to take part in these two movements, my two passions of politics and writing become evident.

My goal in life is to become a political scientist. I want to be able to analyze our government and express my ideas on how to make changes. I think that in doing this I could grow in political knowledge and I will then use that knowledge to publish a book on politics. Many books are published on government, but I don't want mine to be simply an opinion novel, but rather an informational one. In doing so, readers can then form their own opinions from the facts I present. This type of novel would have worked well during the Age of Reason because the main focus of the literature was to inform the public with facts, and I want to follow that format. I want to make a change that is initiated by my words that will influence my readers. By being a part of these movements, I would then reflect these goals that I have.

Politics & Literature Movements