Ocean Dead Zones
By: Jarod Carson
Anthony Kelly

Gulf of Mexico dead zone.

These zones happen because of low oxygen concentration that animals suffocate and die. The Gulf of Mexico is home to one of the largest dead zone in the ocean. In the spring when farms prepare to grow crops, the when the rain comes it washes the fertilizer down into the Mississippi River and into the Gulf of Mexico. The Great Lakes are also a victim of dead zone. No part of any ocean of river of lakes are immune to these dead zones. So how do they occur? Many coastal waters start by the combination of biological and physical factors.  It  starts with nutrients, caused by agriculture and urban research with watersheds in the water. Ocean Dead zones are parts of he ocean that have low oxygen and aquatic animals cannot live there or they will surely die. This is a big problem beacuse if we don't take care of it than a certain  amount of fish and other animals in the ocean will die.

Graph of the dead zones in mid summer.

As you can see there has been a lot of changes in the zone since 1985-2010.

This is a dead zone in California.
this is how dead zones occur

Ocean dead zones are really big cases in the ocean. They kill and harm our ocean animals and make the water look bad. We need to persevere our ocean because this can become rain and if the PH levels change in rain then what will happen to our ocean?  

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