Ferdinand Magellan
The man who sailed the World

Ferdinand Magellan was the first person to circumnavigate around the world by doing so he was known as the greatest explorer of all time for traveling the Earth by sailing.

During Magellan's travel going through the pacific was possibly the biggest impact on him and his crew because when going through the Pacific ocean his crew had run out of food and clean water, they also have gotten diseases and scurvy.

The ship that Ferdinand Magellan set sail on was the Trinidad, he also had San Antonio, the Conception, the Victoria, and the Santiago accompanying him on his voyage

After Ferdinand Magellan's death Magellan, The Victoria continued sailing west till it reached Seville on September 9, 1522, becoming the first ship to circumnavigate the globe.

One of Magellan's ship that managed to travel around the Earth making Magellan the first person to sail across the Earth by sailing.

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