All About Wind

What is Wind?

Wind is from the sun's energy or the sun's rays that warms the water .Dry air rises over the land.To replace it  the seas breezes blow from the sea to the land.

What is a Sea Breeze

A sea breeze happens in the day as the sun goes down the land cools much more . Now the warm air rises over the ocean it cools. The air blows from the land and goses back over the sea.

What is a Jet Stream

A jet stream is about 5 to 7 miles up in the atmosphere. It can go more than 200 miles per hour. The jet stream moves from west to east.

What Cause Wind?

Wind is caused by the heating of the sun and it beating down on the surface. Cooler air contracts hot air rises .

What is Land Brezze

A land brezze occurs over night. The heat from the water the cool air from the land comes back and cools the sea.

What are Globle Wind Patterns

Globle Wind Patterns are when the sun beats down on earth the temperture starts to move thirty degrees North and South.

What are Prevailing Westerlies

Prevailing Westerlies are winds that are named after where they start. In this case the Westerlies start in the west and move to the east. They are found thirty to sixty degrees lattitude and moves to the polor region.

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