Self-Reflection - Leah Devens

A Brief Summary of my Career Assessment

My Key Interest Areas - SAE

My key interest areas are:

S-Social people are HELPERS. Personality traits You are friendly, empathetic, cooperative, and responsible. You probably like to work directly with people rather than things. You prefer to work as part of a team and sometimes lead or coordinate activities. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy teaching, counseling, or curing others. You might be a good public speaker or trainer, and like playing team sports. You might seek out situations where you can work with children, the elderly, people with special needs, or diverse populations.

A- Artistic people are CREATORS. Personality traits You are probably intuitive, sensitive, and imaginative. You usually prefer to work in unstructured situations where you can use your creativity and come up with new ideas. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy performing or creating visual arts. You like go to museums or attend concerts or plays. You might enjoy fashion, creative writing, drawing, and creating new things in a variety of settings.

E- Enterprising people are PERSUADERS. Personality traits You are probably enthusiastic, assertive, adventurous, and talkative. You like to start new projects and make decisions that affect others. You like to work with other people and often prefer to be in leadership positions. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy influencing, persuading, and performing. You are good at selling things, promoting ideas, and managing people. You might also enjoy starting your own business or running for political office.

Careers I would Consider Include:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Pediatrician
  • Travel abroad for medical reasons

My Personality Traits

My Personality Traits Include:

E- Extraverts Enjoy being with people. You have a wide circle of friends and like to include many people in your activities. Are outgoing, enthusiastic and find it easy to talk to anyone. Like to be where the action is, taking note of what is going on around you. You can often do several things at once. Think by speaking, and often don't know what you will say until you have said it. Indeed, you can become bored when you can't participate in a conversation. Want to experience the world in order to understand it. Get rejuvenated by being with people and feel drained when you're alone. You like to bounce your ideas off others. Need lots of affirmation about what you do and how you look. Find listening difficult.

S- Sensors Prefer to take in information through your eyes, ears and other senses to find out what is actually happening. Focus on facts and rely on what can be measured or documented. Like to do things that are practical and can yield some tangible results. Trust your past experiences and prefer established ways of doing things.  Prefer to describe things literally. You like specific answers to specific questions. For example, when you ask, "what time are we leaving?" you prefer "at three‚Äźfifteen" rather than, "some time this afternoon".

F-Feelers Prefer harmony over clarity. You find it difficult to disagree with people and avoid situations that may lead to conflict. Take criticism very personally, and are sometimes accused of being too sensitive. Like to be appreciated and approved of. You may try too hard to please others. Always try to see the other person's point of view. You qre empathic and compassionate View tact as more important than truthfulness.. 

P- Perceivers Are easygoing, and adaptable. You are able to effortlessly adapt to last minute changes. You enjoy the unexpected. Are flexible and curious, and resist limits, order and structure. You don't enjoy tasks that can't be turned into play. Get distracted easily and have difficulty focusing on one thing at a time. Others often accuse you of being unfocused. Like to start new projects. You usually begin a new project before finishing the current one. In fact, you enjoy doing several projects at once. Have a great burst of energy as any deadline approaches. You usually get things finished on time, although you drive everyone else mad in the process. Like to leave your options open. You often don't plan tasks or events and wait to see what's required. Have a 'messy' room or desk. Creativity and spontaneity is more important to you than neatness and order.

Careers I Would Consider Include:

  • Nutrition
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Public Relations
  • Fitness

My Skills

My Skills Include:

  • Helping others
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Learning

Careers I would Consider Include:

  • Surgeon
  • Pharmacist
  • Dentist
  • Anestilioligist

My Values

My Values Include:

  • Family
  • Friendships
  • Help others
  • Help society
  • Honest and Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Tradition
  • Work- life balance

Careers I Would Consider Include:

  • Rgistered Nurse
  • List

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