Agents of Socialization
Kara Rogers

Peer Groups

My friends are a major factor to how I've been socialized. They have taught me humor and the sense of adventure. My friends and I are always laughing because we have a great sense of humor. You will never see me without a smile because of my friends. My friends also taught me how to be adventurous. We are always going on road trips or to concerts and we always have a good time. My friends are the ones that made my personality like it is right now and I have an amazing personality so I'd like to thank my friends.

My Family

My family socialized me in a major way. My family taught me manners, how to share, and language. Some manners that I have always known are no elbows on the table, always say thank you, and always asked to be excused from the table. Since I grew up with two older brothers, and then a younger brother, we always had to take turns playing on the Gamecube. The language they taught me was English but since my family is Canadian we sometime spell or pronounce words differently. my family socialized me in the best way possible.


School has socialized me in a lot of different ways.  School taught me how to cooperate with others and how to keep a schedule. Since I have to wake up the same time every morning, get to school on time, I am very good at keeping a schedule. School also taught me to cooperate. I am always working on group projects and I used to always want to be the leader but since school taught me we need to work on it evenly, I know am very cooperative.

Mass Media

Mass Media socializes me a lot. They teach me how to dress, look, and act. They tell me what music I should like and what movies I should watch. Media gives me all the gossip about movie stars and that teaches how to gossip about people. Media created my taste in music. It is the reason my hair is long and it is the reason I straighten my hair everyday instead of leaving it naturally curly. The way I wear my make up was because mass media showed me how to put it on. Mass media teaches me a lot of things even if not all of the things it teaches me are good.

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