Chapter 1 Project

Chapter 1 project, Holly Radford, Mr. Kirkland

This is Activity 1, where I surveyed my classmates during second period on what their transportation is, how far or how often, and how satisfied they are.

This is a Box-and-Whiskers Plot on Activity 1. The minimum is 0, quartile 1 is 7, and  the median, quartile 3, and the maximum are all 10.

This is a number line of Activity 1 showing how satisfied my classmates are with their transportation. So with this number line the standard deviation is 2.90 and it uses 3 standard deviations.

The problem that seems to be the most important to me in my survey is most people ride car and the ones that ride car their satisfaction was 10. So most of the satisfactions are going to be 10.

This is Activity 4, where I surveyed my classmates a second time about four wheelers, how may miles would they travel in a day and how many people would they take with them.

This number line shows how many miles people would travel in one day on a four wheeler. The mean for Activity 4 is 42.62, the standard deviation is 31.91. So it takes 3 standard deviations.

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