human trafficking

Sex Slavery in America

Sex Slavery is a giant problem not only in the United States but around the world. Little girls are raped of their childhood and taken away from their families. Children and women are being forced to have sex, with men and women for money that doesn’t go in their pockets. Sex slavery victims are forced to live in bad conditions, drugged, and raped daily.


Sex Slavery Around us:

  • The human trafficking industry has more than doubled since 2009 with almost $80 billion in “sales” and is the second or third most profitable crime in the world.
  • Kansas City plays a disturbing role as a hub for human trafficking due to its central location and intersection of major, east-west and north-south Interstate highways.
  • eighty precent of the sex slaves in America are women and children

  • fifty percent are children

  • There are about 14,500-17,500 sex slaves in the United States who are trafficked
  • Kansas City is one of the top five places for sex trafficking in the United States."

sold By: patricia mccormick

Lakshmi is thirteen year old girl, she lives with her poor family in a small village.  When harsh Himalayan monsoons wash away the familys crops, Lakshmi stepfather says she must take a job to support her family. She finds a job in the city as a "maid" through a glamorous stranger. Lakshmi journeys to india only to learn the unthinkable truth: she has been sold in t prostitution. "I cannot tell which of the things they do to me are real, and which are nightmares,"(Mccormick,pg.123)

trafficked By:kim purcell

Trafficked is about a girl named Hannah from Russia, who has no family and needs money. She gets offered a job in America to be a nanny. She starts to work sixteen hour shifts with no pay. Hannah starts to sneak out late at not with the boy next door named Colin. Colins mother finds out and threatens with prostitution."Her heart raced, and her cheeks flushed. She felt ill. He'd been so happy she was attractive because he could get more money for her. He was bring her to a brothel, just as Katya had warned. She imagined having sex with twenty men a day.That was the number she heard. She'd break in half. She was nearly s virgin,"(Purcell,pg.17)


  • Severely punish its national and multinational profiteers
  • Arrest its customers
  • Help with organizations that try to find and stop sex slavery and its victims
  • Offer a way out to its prisoners
  • Offer good economic alternatives to girls and women who are at risk


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