Some of the characteristics are they are the  second fastist runner in the world.

Baby pronghorns

Baby pronghorns are very cute and when they are born. After a few days baby pronghorns can outrun a human.

Were pronghorns live

Pronghorns live in the dessert

The M.A.D theory

The M.A.D theory is if you move adapt or die and that is what M.A.D stands for. But pronghorns can adapt because they live in very hot climates and they can live in cold climates Because the dessert it is very hot in the day and very cold at night.

If the pronghorns live in Wisconsin in the winter they will servive in the coldness.

If the pronghorns lived in Arizona in the summer they will servive in the heat

What pronghorns eat

The pronghorns eat caci, herbs, and desert grass.

The animals that live with pronghorns

We'll pronghorns live in the desert so their are not many animals in the desert but here is one of the animals that live with the pronghorns snacks.

Fun facts

Pronghorns are 3 feet to their solders

They are the 2 fast animal in the world

They can run longer than the cheeda

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