Believing too easily; gullible

P.O.S- Adj                                                Roots: Credo, Credere, Credidi, Creditum- To believe

The credulous boy believed everything his older sister told him, even when she told him he was adopted.


                                                                  A god or goddess.

P.O.S-  Noun                                                                                                              Roots: Deus- God

In Greek mythology they have deities for almost every aspect of nature.


                                                       To fortell by supernatural means.

P.O.S- Verb                                       Roots: Divino, Divinare, Divinavi, Divinatum- To foretell

After the Fortune teller used her Divine powers to predict Sofia's future, Sofia refused to leave the house.


                                                  A person who believes there is no god.

P.O.S- Noun                                                                                                             Roots: Theos- God

Even thought Susie was an atheist, she still respected her friends religious beliefs.

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