Highly Functional Citizen Aqualand Diver Watches

The highly functional Citizen Aqualand diver watches are well-known for their unmatched toughness and a very high visibility even in murky waters and that continues since 1985. Today, the Citizen Aqualand no doubt qualifies as a wonderful piece bringing much esthetic pleasure, but that’s only to the casual wearer! Go deep down into the mind of a pro and you will hear echos of the multi-functionality that whirrs within the timepieces. This is what people love about the Aqualand most; it is wearing a mindset rather than just a watch!

From the simple eco-drive Aqualand with unidirectional bezel to the Diver chronograph, depth- and thermometer, all come with a minimum of 200 meters of water resistance. Some of them also feature an auto-start dive mode; these are capable of measuring dive durations and remembering them too! It’s a terrific tool for serious divers; however, some Aqualand-s can also be worn for traveling due to their world time functions. You’ll find the best Aqualand watches in the PROMASTER MARINE line, though; they are regarded the most awesome by professionals for their supreme durability, superior functionalities and their capacity to double-up as all-purpose watches in or out of the water.

The Citizen Promaster Aqualand watches run on sensor technology and this makes them appropriate for professional use. The cream of the lot is definitely the PROMASTER MARINE watches, created specifically to deliver enhanced designs and functionalities for the most extreme of professional divers. The cutting-edge specs have been bettered again and the new line given a worthwhile facelift; together, they make for some seriously upgraded toughness and visibility. It’s not easy to meet ISO standards.

What are the common points of the Citizen eco drive titanium? Large hands, vibrant color codings offering maximum contrast for optimum visibility and maximum user friendliness (e.g. hands converging to help a user not to miss out on any info displayed on the watch dial and automatic time display thereafter); bright, luminous paint in different colors (for easy distinction), easy-to-operate bezels and robust, dual-structure cases – to name a few.

But wait till you see the newest Citizen eco drive super titanium watch models They come with fresh and upgraded looks and are already considered as one of the most useful timepieces and incorporate both the chronograph and the depth meters. They grant you the freedom of racing both over and under the water; even on the land! But if you want a typical dive computer, you must look for the Hyper Aqualand! This one has all: Anti-Electromagnetic Interference; a calendar; a depth Meter and Dive Computronics with PC Link and a thermometer, so its best reserved for the times you are diving. But then again, it’s not just a cold, hard tool watch; if your style is within the ‘technical design, this Citizen Aqualand diver shall bring you much joy everytime you wear it.