Interesting facts you should know about Brazil

Few things you should know about this huge economy

Did you know that

  Brazil has:

  • An economy larger than Britain's?
  • More airports than of all the EU combined?
  • More highways than Canada?
  • More twitter users than Japan?
  • More internet users than Britain?
  • More Internet hosts than China?
  • More workers than Russia?
  • Higher market cap of listed companies than South Korea?
  • More waterways than the US?
  • More mobile phone users than Japan?
  • Longer schooling than China?
  • More military spending than Australia?
  • Great economy, ready to import! But with only 8%* of the Brazilian population speaking English fluently (A/B classes), it can become a bit challenging and you will need some extra help.

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*Source: Catho National Research Sep/11

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