The Most Dangerous Game

JoDee Miller - 3rd Hour


Whitney and Rainsford are on a yacht headed to Rio de Janeiro, Whitney points out Ship-Trap island in the distance, a place sailors stay clear of. Whitney decides to go to sleep for the night and Rainsford goes on the afterdeck to smoke his pipe, he suddenly hears three gunshots in the distance and so he moves closer to the rail to investigate and he drops his pipe and loses balance to trying to catch it and he falls over board crying for help, but the yacht disappears in the distance. Rainsford decides to swim towards the sound of the gunshots and he approaches the rocky shore and falls asleep instantly due to extreme exhaustion. When he awakes the next afternoon he sets off in search of food and soon approaches a thrashed, bloody vegetation area where a large animal was about and found a empty rifle cartilage near by. He follows the hunters footprints and soon come in contact with a chateau on the edge of the steep that drops into the rocky ocean below. Rainsford thinks the chateau is a mirage until he opens the gate and knocks on the door, A man named Ivan answers and says he cannot help until General Zaroff is inside and invites him in.

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