Is it too late?

Global Warming

One of the worst consequences of Global Warming is the rising of sea levels. Warmer surface temperatures are becoming  a big factor in the melting of glaciers and polar ice shelves. Some scientists think that the rising of the sea levels will be over 20 feet before 2100. Nations such as Maldives that is only 5 feet over the sea level, is already considering relocation. Another big consequence of global warming is the effects on human health and especially on disease. Research shows that over 1 50 000 people die from climate change-related diseases on a yearly basis. Droughts, floods and warmer temperatures combine to create a perfect habitat for diseases-carrying agents such as mosquitos. West Nile virus, cholera, Lyme disease and dengue fever were all considered to be present only in tropical areas, but since the Global Warming get intense in the last years, those diseases are now spread worldwide. Droughts will appear because the warmer climate will lead to diminishing water supplies. That will lead to a lot of disruptions in global food and water distribution. Research states that the drought conditions are said to increase by over 66% from here to 2020. Storms will also become more severe. If we look at the past few years, we can note that the frequency of enormous storm has literally doubled. A warmer climate and warmer ocean will lead to a high number of devastating hurricanes and that means loss of lives and damages to propriety. All those consequences will inevitably lead to the worst consequence, war. Conflicts will appear in poor nations because they will need water and food. Even the richest nations are not safe. Eventually, money won't be enough to buy water, wars will emerge a little bit everywhere on the planet. It's not too late to change but we need to make a move here and now!

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