Tool:  Pinterest Board Creator

Lesson Objectives

Upon completion of this lesson, learners will be able to:

  1. Evaluate their existing boards to determine if their titles / content support the theme / story they are trying to tell with it.
  2. Create or modify existing board covers in order to rectify any issues identified during the evaluation above.

Pre-Session Work

(15-30 minutes)

Paired activity:   two business owners with Pinterest accounts will be paired to work together.  Each owner will do a self-evaluation of one of their boards and also view and provide information regarding their partner's board.

Self-evaluation:  For the board you will be sharing with your partner answer the following questions.  Do not share the answers with your partner:   (1) what is the title of your board?  (2)  draft a brief statement (1-3 sentences) regarding the purpose of the board  or its theme -- what is it you want your viewers to take away with them after they have viewed it?   (3) summarize that purpose / theme in 5 words or less.

For your partner's board answer the following questions.   You will be providing them to your partner:  (1) What was the title of the board?    (2) did the pins in the board match the title?   (3) If you had to sum up the content in 5 words or less, what would  you say?   (4)  Did the cover image support your summary and/or the title?

Live Instruction via Webex

(30 minutes)

Brief presentation using infographics (recall Lesson 3) regarding the use and growth of pinterest; industries for which its use is most common and popular; examples of very organized boards v. disorganized boards.

Overview of Shareroot Board Generator.

Explanation of assignment and due dates.

Hands on / Independent Work

(1 hour)

After the live instruction, partners will share their pre-session review / evaluation with their partner.  Each business owner is to compare their self evaluation with that of their partners and then revisit the board with fresh eyes.  Does the board accomplish the story you are trying to tell?  If not, how can you improve it -- reorganize, delete, pare, etc. until the board does match your intent.  Create a board cover using Shareroot.

Debrief / Closure

(30 minutes)

Each business owner will share their revised board with their partner along with information regarding intent and them.  5 words or less summary should now be the cover board text.   Partners discuss whether revised board accomplishes its intent.