What is a deadly disease that your body does not give you a medicine?   


diabetes is a deadly diabetes disease  if you do not take care of it.  Diabetes is not easy to live with or to care for.


Insulin is a medicine that your body gives you but with diabetes it does not.  After  you get a pump you get a needle that goes into our body.  It is called a infusion site the pump delivers the insulin.  

Body feeling's

The body feeling's you have when are low are shaky,dizzy,tired, and some other . High is trusty,hunger,dizzy and going to restroom a lot.and some.   They are not fun to live with.

Blood sugar

When you have a kit there is a glucometer porker and test strips.   The glucometer is a tiny machine.  The  porker is a needle that goes into your body and the test strips that goes into the glucometer and put the blood in.

Blood  sugar control

Corrections can go low you eat a snack or drink a juice.  High you give your self  more Insulin.  key tones are in your body  and you have to drink a lot of water and  give yourself  Insulin.


diabetes  is not something  you want at all .  But all you have to do your part support. Have a great day and thank you for reading.  


glucometer: is a tiny machine.

needle: A sharp thing goes into your body  


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