Twelve Days of  Technology
Day 8

On the eighth day of true love gave to me…eight maids a milking, seven swans a swimming, six geese a laying, five…golden...rings,  four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree. gave to me eight video projects for the classroom.

Using video projects in the classroom is a fun way to for students to present on content they have been researching, interview characters from books, or other extra-curricular activities. Below are list of video projects and different apps you can use to create them.

8 Video Projects

  • Create a personal narrative — They can be about students themselves or a character or historical person. Record video clips from many different facets of the subject’s life. Add a voiceover to tell the story and music to set the mood.
  • Tell a story — We’re naturally intrigued by stories. They draw us in and take us to a place and time where we never were. If students use concepts from class and connect them to stories, the result could have a huge impact.
  • Create a whiteboard animation — Set up something with a camera so it won’t move (on a tripod or otherwise). Aim it at a whiteboard or chalkboard. Record and start drawing. Use video editing tools to speed it up to four times its normal speed and add a voiceover (and music?). Here’s a great blog post with the basics on how to create these videos.
  • Record a demonstration — This one benefits teachers and students. Students can show a slide presentation with audio descriptions or demonstrate how to do something on their computers. Teachers can easily flip instruction in this way.
  • Make a tour of a significant location — If students visit a place — on a field trip, on vacation or any time — they can share their learning experience with others by recording video of it and narrating as they go. (If they’re at a museum or other such place, asking permission first is probably a good idea!)
  • Speeches — Recreate a historic speech or moment in history for a social studies class.
  • Skit/Commercial — Create a conversation, explanation, commercial or skit in another language for a foreign language class.
  • Science Project/Experiment — Display the work and results of a science lab project from beginning to end, from hypothesis to conclusion. Add images of lab data in the project to show specifics of the results.

Video Apps

Your iPad comes equipped with it's own built in Camera app. Below are some other apps that are available for use on iPad. Some are included at no cost while others are fee based.