The West Fold

Symbolism for the flag:

Green: Represents prosperity and power

Yellow: Represents wealth and fortune

Red: Represents strength and the ability to conquer other nations

White: Represents purity and grace

Horse: Represents power, speed, and courage

Sun: Represents our expanding domination over others and our reach over the free lands

Constitution of

The West Fold

Article 1

The West Fold

Article 2

The purpose of this country is to provide freedom and education for the citizens of The West Fold.

To be the most powerful country on the planet.

We are here to bring education and wealth to our people.

We will conquer and have full power over other countries around the world.

No one will stand in our way of taking power.

Article 3

You and parents will have to be born in The West Fold. No one will disrespect the king or you will be sent to the Hopeful Institution of the West Fold. You will have to follow every law and rule in the book. You will have to bow down to the rulers photo or statute whenever seen.

Article 4

The one in charge of this country will be the supreme ruler Lord Aragorn. It will be a monarchy. Royal Blood will rule this country. The kings royal army will ensure no corruption enters the country.

Article 5

Keep full control of the country and take care of its people. Protection and Education. Follow the laws and respect the king of The West Fold.

Article 6

The right to bear arms with license. Respect the king. No murder is allowed unless your life is put in danger. No one is allowed to be on your property without permission. Bow down to the king when ever seen(photo, statue, etc). When the national anthem is heard stop whatever you're doing and remain silent. Do not litter. Do not talk bad about the government. Do not use firearms in unauthorized places. Never put the country's flag on the ground. Give full attention to the king when he speaks.

Article 7

Public schools and universities. Public school will be free(taxes are included). Citizens will have to pay and monthly tax fee. You will have to pay for any college attended. They will be sent to the Hopeful Institution.

Article 8

Green: Represents prosperity and power

Yellow: Represents wealth and fortune

Red: Represents strength and the ability to conquer other nations

White: Represents purity and grace

Horse: Represents power, speed, and courage

Sun: Represents our expanding domination over others and our reach over the free lands.

Article 9

Lord Aragorn

Figure Head: Lord Aragorn


Aragorn is blessed with long life, he is very courageous and even dared to take Sauron down. He is very strong and is not easily corrupted. He is kind and fair.

Origin Story: Lord Aragorn was born in the great kingdoms of the North and was one of the Dunedain people blessed with long life. After the kingdoms of the north fell his mother sent him to Rivendell. There he was taught and cared for by the elves and his father figure was Lord Elrond. Also he fell in love with Elrond’s daughter and still does.When Gandalf called him to Rivendell he went and helped Frodo on his quest destroy Sauron’s ring. After being separated from Frodo, he went to Rohan and fought at the battle of Helms Deep and in that process saved Rohan and its people from Saruman and his abominational Uruk-ai. Then after the battle was over he went to edoras with King Theoden and when Gondor called for help because it was under attack he and Theoden went to Dunharrow to muster all of the Rohirrim. However they did not have enough men so he went into the mountains and mustered a ghost army to save Minas Tirith. After that battle was over he needed to give Frodo a chance to destroy the ring, so he distracted Sauron at the Black Gates allowing Frodo to destroy the ring. He saved us and we are alive because of him. Since then he has been ruling the Westfold. He rules with a righteous judgement and is fair and gives equality to all. He also is married to queen Arwen whom he fell in love with when he was raised in Rivendell. Our nation has been abundant in food, clothing, water, resources, minerals and victories because of Lord Aragorn. He also bears a child with Arwen and has been managing our country very well. His goal is to have a peaceful and awesome country he also wants to disband the terrorist group known as “The Devil’s Den”. If we destroy them then we can be a prosperous nation as said by Lord Aragorn. He also plans to create five million jobs by the end of the fourth quarter. He is a great leader and we shall follow him till the end of the age.

National Anthem

We are the West Fold

We are strong and we stand bold.

No one stands in our way

We will do only what we say.

We are the best

from all the rest.

We are one nation

full of determination.

We are are proud we are strong

even when things go wrong

Our Fields are plentiful

we aid those who call for help

we shall destroy the devil’s den

and no one shall oppose us again

Lord Aragorn saves the day

and we will follow him to the end of an age

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