Exploration For France

The year is 1562...

I, Riwa Ali of Switzerland, come to you, Charles IX of France, to ask for money to fund me for the trip to North America. I will seek and return with the resources you please such as the rich fur of the North and Spanish Land. I believe I can find what you desire, because I have a master plan for attacking the Spanish, what explorer La Salle didn't have, which was the cause of his death.

Spanish Galleon

I will be searching for valuable fur and of course, Spanish land. I chose these resources because I would love the adventure and glory of invading the Spanish land, and fur would be easy to find in this cold area. The fur would also be very valuable and expensive in Europe.

My plan of attack is to sail north above the French Colonies and then sail south across the Hudson Bay. The Spanish will not be expecting this route and my crew and I will be able to conquer their territory in no time.

I know the Spanish and English are also expanding their empires in North America, but the amount of land there is in the North, where our cities are located, is more vast and we have more land to claim. The other European explorers are looking for gold, more land for their empires, and more followers of Christianity.

How will I handle conflict with either the other Europeans or the Native peoples I will encounter?

Well, we will use force against the Spanish to claim more land. For the Native Peoples, we will not use force unless needed to. I would like to create a friendly relationship with the Native peoples in order to have more allies.

I expect to encounter obstacles such as freezing temperatures, harsh waters, and a possibility of being attacked by the Spanish or English. I will overcome the freezing temperatures by being prepared with heavy clothing, the harsh waters by using the most advanced and accurate navigational tools to keep us on track, and possibility of attacks by keeping swivel guns onboard the ships.

Please consider my proposal and support me, a very experienced explorer, to find what you need.

                                    This project was prepared by explorer, Riwa Ali

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