Haley Jaime
Photography Portfolio

Always Smile

This photo was taken at a creek near my house of my friend Krista for the portraits project.

Why so serious?

This photo was taken in some neighbors yard of my friend Krista when I borrowed her to take pics of her for my portraits project.


I like this picture of my sister Courtney because it's a simple photo of her and this was for my portraits project.

A Drive Into The Sky

I enjoy this picture I took of the sky because it has bright colors and the big cloud at the bottom with the sun in it is pretty cool looking.

Pink Flower

I really like the angle I took this picture. This picture was taken outside my window in  front of my room. I really like the Pink and yellow colors of this flower.

Floating Leaf

This picture was taken a day after it rained hard beside the curb leading to my driveway. I really like how you can see the reflection of my mailbox and the rocks beneath the leaf.

Drive Through The Trees

I enjoy this picture because it is simple. I like how the colors of the tree go from a darker shade to a brighter shade of green. This picture was taken as my sister and I were driving around random roads exploring when we came across this dirt road with trees lining the sides.

Rocky Path Way

This picture was taken downtown outside the Dr.Pepper museum when my sister Katie was getting her senior pictures done.

Water Fountain

I took this picture of this water fountain down by the suspension bridge as Katie was getting her senior pictures taken.

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