Brebeuf Try Day 2014

Try Day is an OFSAA sanctioned day to promote students getting out of their comfort zones, getting active, and trying new sports.  At Brebeuf, we have decided to co-ordinate this initiative and target our ELL population in the hopes of creating inter school solidarity and promote a caring climate. Last year we had a pretty successful  collaboration between the Junior hockey team, the leadership classes and the ESL classes.

2014? Tchoukball

This year we thought it would be a good idea to continue to focus on our ELL students.  The event is being held during Mental Health Awareness Week to promote healthy activity and fair play...

  • Where?   Gymnasium
  • When?    Period 2 and 3 on May 15
  • Who? Leadership Class and ELL classes will participate and face teachers….
  • Needs?  Phys. Ed classes to run outdoors or in atrium.  

What is it? Tchoukball is an indoor team pseudo-sport developed in the 1970s by Swiss biologist Hermann Brandt, who believed that "The objective of all physical activities is not to make champions, but make a contribution to building a harmonious society". His aim was to develop a team sport which did not involve the horrific injuries which he viewed as plaguing other sports.

The sport is usually played on an indoor court measuring 27 metres by 16 metres. At each end there is a 'frame' (a device similar to a trampoline off which the ball bounces) which measures one square metre and a semicircular D-shaped forbidden zone measuring three metres in radius. Each team can score on both ends on the field, and comprises twelve players, of which seven may be on the court at any one time. In order to score a point, the ball must be thrown by an attacking player, hit the frame and bounce outside the 'D' without being caught by the defending team. Physical contact is prohibited, and defenders may not attempt to intercept the attacking team's passes. Players may take three steps with the ball, hold the ball for a maximum of three seconds, and teams may not pass the ball more than three times before shooting at the frame.

The day started off with some drills in the gym before heading outsides for a full out tournament.  It took a while for everyone to get the hang of it, but by the end of the day, the game had some flow!