World War II

Entering the War

  • Germany and Russia had a "pact"
  • Hitler got paranoid when Russia took Rumania
  • Rumors started strikes

Important People

Ivan Konev

  • WWI Veteran
  • Lead counter attack protecting Moscow
  • Western Front
  • Latter Success

Ivan took part in many battles throughout World War II, encircling whole armies of Nazi's and successfully holding back attacks. Through his grit and determination, Ivan lived all through World War II, where he continued to hold high-ranking military posts. Ivan died in Moscow in 1973, and was buried in a place of honor in the Kremlin wall.

Georgy Zhukov

  • Started off in poor graces
  • Won back reputation from early success

Vyacheslav Molotov

  • Foreign minister
  • Focused on relationships with the allies
  • Died in 1986

Serving his country outside of battlefield, Vyacheslav Molotov was the foreign minister for Russia. He was the negotiator for the pact between Germany and the Soviet union dividing the Baltic states in Poland prior to World War II. During the war, Molotov was an important negotiator with other allies, where he secured their promise of a second front in Europe. He died in 1986 at the age of 96.


Total Deaths: 23,100,000
Total Deaths % of Pop.: 13.7%
Military Deaths: 10,700,000
Military Deaths % of Pop.: 6.4%
Civilian Deaths: 12,400,000
Civilian Deaths % of Pop.: 7.4%
Jewish Holocaust Deaths: 1,000,000

Jewish Holocaust Deaths % of Jewish Pop.: 39.6%

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