They did their writings based on China's!

The Japanese nobles took good care of their literature,and their writings. Their writings were very important and popular amoung the nobles,especially amoung the women. The women loved to write in their diary or some called them journals. They chose their words carefully, to make sure their writings were beautiful. The greatest writer was Lady  Murasaki  Shikibu.

Besides of literauture,Japan's nobles loved visual arts. They liked paintings that illustrated stories of their past,or maybe their future. One of their greatest paintings was The Tale Of Genji. They painted on everything they could, even doors! Another popular form of art in Hensian was Calligraphy,or decorative writings.

This is a picture of the thatched roofs


The nobles tried to make their city full of architecture. They copied the Chinese buildings style, especially in the many temples they built.

They greatly admired Chinese architecture and modeled Heian after the Chinese Capitol, Chang'an. The nobles liked simple and airy designs. They surrounded the temples with elegant gardens and ponds. Similar gardens are still very popular today!

Literature  and

Visual Arts

Nobles liked paintings that illustrate stories back in ancient Japan. The most popular art forms back then were paintings,calligraphy,and architecture. Many of ancient Japanese artist painted on doors and furniture rather than on paper. Calligraphers spent hours carefully copying the poems.

They took great care of how they spoke and wrote. Writing was very popular back then especially among the women. Many of the greatest works of early Japanese literature were written by the women. One of the greatest writersin early japanese history was Lady Murasaki! The literature was also told by the art and illustrations with the poems,articles,or plays.

Performing Arts

Their plays,in which actors skilfully mimicked other people. The performing arts developed into a more serious form of drama called Noh. Noh plays combine music,speaking, and dance. The Japanese plays often tell about great heroes or figures from Japan's past.

Buddhism Changes

Last but not least Buddhism! Different forms of Buddhism developed in Japan. One form of Buddhism was very popular with Japan's common people. In the 110s another form of Buddhism was called Zen! These ideas appealed to many Japanese people, especially warriors.