Universal Orlando

At universal orlando resort you can do rides go to the pools and the spas or go to the amusment park and go to water parks and swim.

Everywhere you go there you will see something fun to do that's why you need to go there so you can have alot of fun.If you have a family thats going to be super fun.At the Resort they have two new water parks and a couple of new restaurant's.And they have motels with either queen or king rooms.You can either reserve a room or book one from online.

Tickets per day for a adult is 147.00 and for a child per day is 142.00 that's for one day.For two days its for adult is 97.50 and for a child for two days its 92.50.And for three days its for a adult is 68.33 and for a child for three days its 65.00.For four days its for the adult 53.75 and for the child its 51.25.Those are the ticket prices.If you want to learn more about the resort go to universal orlando resort.com.

To get the directions to universal orlando resort go to my location to universal orlando resort.

go to tackk.com and you will see my project destination.

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