My Trip to Brussels

By: Jabari Hazelwood
June 3, 2014

In this project I will be a tourist traveling to Paris.  I can choose if I want to drive or fly to Paris but I must plan for both.  This will include pictures of some of the things I will do and see while i'm in Paris.

This is a picture of where I will be going in Paris. Some of the things that I will go see are the The Atomium, the Manneken Pis, and the Grand Palace.  Here is a picture of the Atomium, one of the most fascinating buildings in Brussels.

Here is a picture of the Manneken Pis. This is a statue of a boy peeing.

The last thing that I will see is the Grand Palace.  The Grand Place or Grote Markt is the central square of Brussels. It is surrounded by guildhalls, the city's Town Hall, and the Breadhouse. The square is the most important tourist destination and most memorable landmark in Brussels.

Here is a picture of my destination city Brussels and Vienna.

W= the distance from my house in Vienna to my European city by plane, w=3.49 Here w= the distance from my house in Vienna to my European city by car, w=12.36.  The farthest distance that I could live from my European city and still get there faster by car is 305 km because 305=100t 305/100=3.05 so t=3.05 so it would take 3 hours and 5 minuets to get to Brussels.  The main purpose of this project was to understand how to use tables, equations and graphs to solve systems of equations.  During this project i learned that taking a plane is not always faster the driving a car.  Systems of equations can help you with lots of real life situations and that is how you use system of equations to solve a real life situation.  

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