The Role Of Drilling Companies In Construction

While most people view construction as work that occurs above the ground, drilling companies may often play a critical role in making that happen. When there is a need to prepare land for stable construction, drilling companies may very well serve as the stars of the process before all other work can begin.

Drilling companies are called in before other construction subcontractors for several important reasons. They may include:

  • The need to stabilize unstable ground – When construction is taking place on land that may not be entirely stable due to soil erosion, retaining walls may be required to ensure that foundations laid remain solid and that property developed is safe for future use. Drilling companies have a number of techniques available to them, including the creation of a soldier pile wall. Whatever method for stabilization is determined the best route to take, however, it is drilling companies that have the expertise required to ensure construction that follows occurs on land that is solid and safe.
  • The need to ensure tall structures will remain solid – When construction calls for building high into the air, such as is the case with cellular towers, bridges, pole buildings and other forms of construction, the building process must begin within the ground itself. This is simply to ensure a structure that is deeply rooted to ensure stability at the very top. The best drilling companies have expertise that makes them critical for this type of construction. With their specialized skills, knowledge and tools, they are able to help construction projects go off without a hitch by ensuring foundations that are meant to last for years to come.
  • When waterfront protection is needed – Drilling companies also serve critical roles in helping with waterfront construction. From offering solutions for erosion control to assisting with dewatering well systems, waterfront protection and high bank retention, their expertise is irreplaceable and is an absolute must before other construction begins.
  • When erosion occurs after construction – Owners of existing property may find themselves having to work with drilling companies to stabilize their buildings following water intrusion or soil erosion caused by landslides and other natural occurrences. Drilling companies deliver the necessary expertise to stabilized property to prevent further damage and ensure that repairs made remain stable in the future.

While drilling companies aren’t the first construction pros that property owners consider, they often should be. When there’s a need for a stable foundation to build on, they deliver the skills needed to get the job done right.

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