Spanish Language

Welcome to the
Spanish Language Page
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Aberystwyth University

People decide to learn a language for many different reasons. Many say that is a key to the understanding of another way of life. Think about the people, or new places, books, internet sites, movies and TV programmes you could enjoy. You could have a much better understanding of the way of life of that particular culture.

You know that languages open doors and if you are able to communicate successfully in a foreign language, your level is not that important, the opportunities offered to you will be greater than you think.

Everyday there are new pages about languages. Our page would like to bring you the different aspects of language learning, from listening material to grammar explanations.

We are trying to give you the web pages available and facilitate your access to them.

At the moment we can only offer you pages related to the Spanish Language and Culture, and very soon you will have pages for many of these languages: Breton, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

If you encounter any problems with this page, please send us an email.

If you have new pages and you will like to share them with us, please send us the address and we will make available for all.


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