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August 10, 2014

Welcome back JETS!! I hope your first week has been all you hoped it would be. :)

It feels as if we've lived a lifetime since the last day of summer! I have been in the education business for many moons and have never had a better beginning than this year.  Because it was such a great start, let's recap it to try to hold onto the magic for just a moment longer... :)

Our first week back began on Monday with a crew of New Pilots for JC. They are amazing additions to our team. They followed the JC trend by adding lots of "SOUTHs" to our crew but no worries to the other Compass Leadership Styles-- we have a little of each direction in our new crew. WELCOME TO OUR NEW PILOTS! We love you already, and we hope you will love JC too!!

Teacher Institute followed on Tuesday--All I have on that is a big WOW!! Dr. Elko has me talking to myself! How about you? (If you haven't checked out his website, it is worth the click to sign up for his weekly inspirational newsletter: http://www.drelko.com).  Following Dr. Elko's inspirational speech was an amazing day of learning at our MCS District PD Day (where our Jets were leading the way in many sessions) and then our Jet Night that boasted a terrific turnout of teachers, parents, and students.

The last event leading up to opening was the JC Take-Off Retreat at Double Head. It has been humbling to hear so many positive remarks and thank yous about the time together. Being away from school on the day before students arrived could not have been easy, but the Jets were all on board for an evening and day of learning together. THANK YOU all for "being where your feet were" and making the retreat a meaningful beginning to our year at JC. The mandala will hang in D122 as a reminder of how powerful it is for us to continue to make connections as we move through what promises to be an amazing school year!

Thanks again to our administration for investing in this time for us to connect and also for being fully present in the learning with the JC crew. At one point, I looked around the room and ALL of the JC admin team members were learning along with a table. It was a goosebumps moment-- you don't find that happening in every school!! Thank you to Dr. Clayton, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Terrell, Mr. Hodges, and Mrs. Wilson-Bradley. You all most definitely model how to FLY FIRST CLASS!

Last but not least in our amazing week of take-off, our awesome JC students showed back up for their next (or last) flight.... There really are none like them anywhere. We are blessed with the most amazing kids on the planet! Here's to starting our year out with a bang and keeping the momentum for their benefit... Look out 2014-2015!! :)

Go JETS!  

:) Alyson

Coming Up This Week...

First Flight School- Tuesday in D122
(Topic: Educate Alabama)

*First Block: 9:00-9:45
*Second Block: 10:45-11:30
*Third Block: 1:00-1:45
*Fourth Block: 1:51-2:36

Author Dr. Jim Knight Visit- Friday 1st / 2nd Block in Auditorium
Dr. Jim Knight is the author of several go-to books for teachers, instructional coaches, and educational leaders. His book Unmistakable Impact is a systematic approach to school change and serves as the guide for our philosophy as a partnership school, district, and state. Dr. Knight also wrote the book High Impact Instruction which we used often in flight school last year--the pieces on Community Building all came directly from his work. If you have first or second block planning, feel free to slip into the auditorium and listen as he shares about High Impact Instructional Strategies.

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