Internet Safety Tips

By Melisa Mendoza Bautista

We need internet safety so we don't get kidnaped.

1. Never tell anybody your passwords.                                                                                               2. Respect other people online.                                                                                                            3. Ask for permission before you meet online friends in person.                                           4. Don't  feed cyberbullies block or ignore mean messages report them to the site.               5. Use the privacy setting.                                                                                                                   6. speak up if your seeing someone else geting cyber bullied.                                                     7. Don't read or reply to emails you don't know.                                                                             8. Monitor what others post about you because it may not be nice.                                           9. Tell a adult when you add new friends or see something suspicious or harmful online.   10. Use social media to do productive for you or a cause                          

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