My name is Zack im a green bay fan I was born in Erie and moved to Girard in the second grade. I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with friends I also have one brother and a half brothers. I also love playing on my tablet, I have a galaxy tab 3 10.1.

three things about me


I Long board everywhere I don't get a ride I have gone more then 40 mph on the long board I have now and I look forward to buying another one soon. The long board I have now is a mini long board which is shorter a long board. My favorite part about long boards is the designs and the speeds they can go.

I am also a really big fan of Bob Marley his music and how he saw the world and how he believed he could change the world with his positive music. Above is one of his quotes it shows that he was a deeper guy then just smoking weed.

I'm a big fan of green bay and football my second team is the sea hawks both teams I believe are really strong and talented. I also like to play football and work out I play for Girard and with friends out side of school.

Three goals of mine

My first goal is to become a mechanic and own and operate my own garage. I will try to achieve this goal by going to collage or a technical school to get my inspectors licence.Then working for a garage to get enough money to go off and own my own.

goal 2

My second goal is to become the starting running back for Girard and I am going to do that by putting in work in practice and working hard in weight room. I would also have to get faster and better at catching.

My third goal

My third and last goal is to have kids to keep my blood line going and hopefully meet the right girl to have my kids with. I also hope to see the day that we send humans to mars and start living there.

where I would most like to go

I would like to visit Victoria British Colombia because it is a nice place to be and a lot of hiking trails to go on.  People in Canada are also really nice and its just a nice country to be in and visit.

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