Bakery Rack Ovens by Stratton Sales & Service Inc.

Stratton Sales ovens products are bakery and bread ovens,Revent 724 Double Rack Oven, LBC LRO-2G Double Rack Oven, Baxter OV500 Double Rack Oven.

The Baxter OV300G Mini Rotating Rack Oven is built for lasting value with the added advantage of lower operating costs associated with gas. The only gas oven of this kind on the market with a rotating rack, the mini-rack oven offers the big results of our full-size rack oven in a smaller package. Available in natural gas or propane to meet your needs.


  • Rack loading choice of side load or end load
  • Cosmetic canopy upper trim
  • Slides, screen surface or hearthstone trays
  • Flexible Quick-Disconnect Gas Line
  • Direct Vent for Combustion Vent
  • Oven bases