Surviving The Sixth Grade

By Barrett Ryan


      Three pieces of advice i would give younger students are you should always do your best. Getting good grades and working hard will take you far. Always try again. If your teacher ever gives you a second chance, take it! Lastly, show your good side. You want others to look at you as a nice person. Advice i wish a previous sixth grader gave me was to keep my mouth closed during class.


Something good that happened to me this year was the door contest. We had to design the best drawing or feature to add to the door in the 6th grade. My home room won thanks to the giant eagle face me and Mrs. Eady worked super hard on. Sorry for bragging...


A major change that happened this year was the Georgia Milestone. We used to have our tests on the CRCT. Georgia had to be unique so they came up with their own idea. They basically copied the CRCT and pasted it on another price of paper. Oh Georgia....


    A difficult decision I had to make was Band. I wanted to learn how to play an instrument. The class was year long so if I disliked it I would have to wait until the next year to quit the class. I also wanted to join art club but it was an after school activity. It could cut down my homework time.

This is not me...


   One exciting moment I has this year was getting the student of the week award. I never thought I would get it. Before announcing the student of the week, a speech is given. When Ms. Meza was going the speech Ms. Rosser looked at me and tried not to smile. That gave it away.


Goodbye my friend

We must move on

We should continue

Learning and moving along

But don't worry my friend

We do have numbers

For we Shall see again


   A goal I have accomplished was getting either all A's or all A's and B's. Sadly I got all A's and B's but it is better then nothing. I have learned, this year, that I procrastinate often at home and that I am a good leader. I also learned that I am annoying. Most people my age don't understand the sufferance between annoying and stupid.


   Science has been the hardest for me to study this year. I love science as it is my favorite class. It's hard for me because trying to memorize five scientists' from their first name to last name is difficult.


   The person who has influenced me is Jyri. He is a very good friend. He has always been there for me and i have always been there for him. Shout out my bro... Jyri...    : )


   Honestly, I don't really have any junk in my locker. The only 'junk' in my locker would be my pencils. Every month I manage to find a pencil who 'snuck' into my agenda.


   The key to success this year for me was to study and work hard. I have always done my best. My hard work has awarded me all A's and B's. (I only had one B... 89!)


   A lasting memory I had this year was walking on the track. We got to walk on the track every Friday. It is fun because i get to chat with my friends.


   I listen to music depending on what mood i am in or what i am doing.When i do homework i listen to classics, when i'm excited it is dubstep, when i'm feeling bored i listen to country, and when i am happy i listen to pop.


   A nervous moment i had was silent lunch. It was my first silent lunch in my life-time. I never got in trouble like it so i didn't know what to expect. In case you didn't know I couldn't stay quiet.


   I see teens my age argue about if the dress is Black and Blue or White and Gold. I think they should agree to disagree. I also see teens argue about someones ugly Instagram photo. I think they should shut down the phone and play a board game with grandma.


   A pet peeve I have is sleeping with the light on because i can never close my eyes. I also hate the ear phones that rap around the outside of your ear. They can be difficult to put on. Lastly, i hate, hate, hate toilet paper facing inward.


   A quote that relates to me is, "The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy - it's all that matters. This relates to me because even though i had my ups and down , I am always happy tomorrow....                                                       hopefully...........


   I regret running my mouth during some classes. Even though it never got me in trouble, except once, it has caused some awkward moments. When the teacher says hush and all i quiet... i am talking about frogs.  : |


   Something that satisfied me this year in the sixth grade was getting awards near the end of school. I got the all A's and B's award along with the Perfect Attendance award.I was proud of me and so was my family.  


   I feel like i spent my time well on reading. Every night I read a book up to fifteen minutes. Thanks to book orders i don't run out easily. Also thanks to my brother for supplying me with new books.


   I wish  I could have gone back in time when my cousin visited me. I didn't have the best time I could have had. I didn't torture him or beat him up and get in trouble. I wish I played more games with him.


   Ever since i got permission to participate in showcase events I feel victorious. I had to race a crop duster in a car made in 1967. I beat the plane by 1/10 of a second.


   Whenever i sit on the patio in my backyard I look into the woods. I am fascinated by nature. I love to listen to the birds chirp and watch the bunnies and deer.


   Something I wish i could x out of my life is the time i cut myself. I was 10 and i was playing with knife. It was very stupid of me to do. Luckily it wasn't a deep cut. There was no need for the ER room.


   A youthful memory from my child hood that i will keep is the time i went to an African safari trip. I went with my mom and three cousins. We drove in an old van painted like a zebra and had windows replaced with bars. The bars were to animals couldn't peek their heads in but you could still feed them.


   I feel like I am closely related to an owl. In fact i figured out my spirit animal is an owl. I am smart like an owl and annoying like an owl. Would you like to wake up at night to sound of," Hoot, Hoot. Hoot, Hoot"?

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