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Caption 1 (From left to right): Sophia Helsing and Kelyn Perales Garcia diligently continue to work on their assigned article for the yearbook, displaying much enthusiasm for the role they play on the yearbook staff. On the yearbook staff, one of the most enjoyable aspects about the team was the friendly cooperation by which everybody was able to work, which was displayed by the eagerness of the team to help another out when necessary and putting forth all efforts to ascertain the best outcome of a yearbook every buying student is bound to enjoy.

The yearbook for the school year of 2012-2013 at SkyView Academy didn't quite make the cut for several students of the secondary school full of expectations for an impressive product. As a result of such, the yearbook development team for the year of 2013-2014 needed to thoroughly formulate a plan to make amends for last year's bust, a plan that could carry the potential to utterly annihilate any remaining regrets for the previous year's setbacks. One student who was on board with this plan was a high school junior student named Jeremiah House.

Caption 2: Juniors Sophia Helsing and Kelyn Perales Garcia inquire the help of SkyView's secondary yearbook adviser and computer teacher Mrs. Lobdell with an in-progress page of the yearbook. In order to make the best yearbook the staff could accomplish, the staff not only utilized their current talents and gifts to create wonderful pages, but they also learned a lot from a teacher who showed them the way when they came across setbacks or rough times.

Having bought the yearbook from before, Jeremiah believed he could make significant contributions to the coming yearbook of an approaching school year. Because the Lifetouch system, the program in charge of constructing SkyView Academy's yearbook, is largely a web-based, digital system, Jeremiah believed he could use his talents with computers to become a valuable member of the new team in charge of providing SkyView with its new yearbook. Before joining the yearbook team, Jeremiah possessed some previous experience with similar programs that involved the use of image manipulation and graphical arrangements to create objects such as cards, posters, or even mock magazines.

Caption 3: Freshman David Chambless is hard at work on his currently assigned yearbook page, tending to every critical detail. One of the most critical components of finishing a well-done yearbook in time for the eager students looking to buy one was the staff working cooperatively and openly in their opinions, and with diligence as to make certain the yearbook got done in time in order to avoid the previous year's mistakes in a late delivery, and David most certainly demonstrated this aspect of the yearbook staff with eagerness to contribute whatever he can to the yearbook, particularly with his talent for writing captions to whatever picture was necessary.

Believing memories to be an important aspect in anyone's life, he openly supported the proposed theme of "Echoes of Yesterday." He said "I think we should do Echoes of Yesterday because we must not forget the importance of our past in our current lives," clearly emphasizing his enthusiasm for his role to play in developing the yearbook. That wasn't to say there weren't any hardships throughout the course of time spent in making the yearbook.

Caption 4: A completed page of the yearbook, whose concept design was developed by Juniors Jeremiah House and Kay King, shows just how well accomplished the final product turned out to be within this year's conclusion. It was no surprise, and certainly no exception, that a room full of innovative students was more than enough to provide enough imaginative thought and design to provide SkyView Academy with an unforgettable yearbook that was certain to please everyone who had purchased one.

Conflicted with dissenting opinions among the team, setbacks regarding the deadlines to meet, along with a somewhat faulty yearbook system, everyone faced ordeal after ordeal trying to cope and continue to develop the yearbook in time. However, despite such misgivings, everyone's cooperation and manner by which they covered each other by using their strengths to help each other's weaknesses, as well their teacher, Mrs. Lobdell's essential guidance became some of the primary components in turning up a very satisfactory result of a project. Ultimately, not one of the students could've felt more accomplished with a very impressive outcome of the half-year-long project they worked so hard and dedicatingly on.

Caption 5: (From left to right) Merry Blomquist, 9, Naomi Roesick, 10, and Lily Schwarz, 10, collaborate together in order to finish final yearbook pages. Another special relationship shared among the yearbook staff was the manner by which everybody was willing to help each other when the necessity arose, which made creating the yearbook much more of an enjoyable experience in addition as well as a team-building effort.

Having gotten a project done in time, as well as it appearing to be quite impressive in its looks, the yearbook of 2013-2014 was something that everybody undoubtedly took enormous pride in. Now that their roles had been fulfilled, all that could remain was to let time work its magic, and allow their yearbook to serve as a very manifestation of pleasurable memories from SkyView's very first junior year, one through which everybody could look back to and laugh, cry, and relive the special moments they spent so preciously within that one year of their lives.

Author: Junior SkyView Academy Student, Jeremiah House (Pictured Below)

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