I am Malala

Biography Project from Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by Cassidy Dubendorfer  

Malala was born on July 12, 1997  in Mingora, Pakistan and is still alive at the age of 17 years old.  This is Malala's story!

Significant Events in History that effected Malala's Life

  • The Taliban were threatening Malala and her family.
  • The Taliban had been attacking schools near them.
  • People thought girls getting an education was wrong.
  • Girls normally didn't get an education past elementary school and Malala is trying to change that.

Malala's Childhood

Ever since Malala was young she has always wanted an education. Once she got a little older she wanted to influence other girls to get an education even though people thought it was wrong.  Malala's family got targeted because her father opened schools including an all girl's school. Some people, including the Taliban,  did not agree with girls education.

People that influenced Malala's Life

Malala's Dad had the biggest influence on Malala's life. Malala's dad was the reason she ever wanted to get an education in the first place.  Malala was lucky to have the dad she did, someone that actually wanted her to be successful in life.  Malala's dad had been opening many schools. When Malala was born he didn't want her to just be a normal girl that stopped school early to help out around the house.  He wanted more for her, so he opened an all girl's school.  Malala's dad always supported her in everything she could ever dream of. 

Unique Facts About Malala

  • Malala survived being shot by the Taliban.
  • Malala opened a non-profit organization.
  • She's been advocating for girls education since she was eleven years old.
  • She was only 15 years old when she was shot.
  • She attended the school that her dad founded.


  • Spoke out for girl's education.
  • In 2013 she was named one of the Time Magazines most influential people. 
  • Was nominated for a Nobel peace prize.
  • When the Taliban began attacking schools Malala spoke out in September in Peshawar, Pakistan. The title of her speech was "How Dare the Taliban take away my basic right of education.'' 
  • Started Blogging for BBC a major world wide news channel.   

Theme of Malala's Life

The theme of Malala's life would be love is the most important force.  I believe it would be that because Malala's love for education got her to keep fighting through everything! 

Malala's Words of Advice

Malala has taught me to never let people get in my head or get in the way of me.  One thing she said was ''My world has changed but I have not'' (pg.265).  This shows that things can change around you but don't let it change your self.

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